What We Do

OOI is a boutique innovation laboratory with expertise in rabbinic and spiritual leadership, Jewish learning, and community building. We launch, catalyze, and scale new projects to advance Jewish life. OOI envisions a world where every Jew sees themself as an heir, trustee, and agent of the Jewish covenant to build a better world.


We are currently incubating two projects: The Center for Rabbinic Innovation and IYUN. In addition, we partner with a number of outside organizations to foster catalytic change within their work. Several projects incubated by OOI have successfully spun out, including BaseJLF, and Civic Spirit.

How We Do It


1. Exploring

Our team begins by talking to as many dreamers, schemers, thinkers and tinkerers as we can until we sense an idea emerging. Once we have the faintest outline of an idea, we build a prototype—what we call a Minimum Viable Project—that makes our idea a concrete reality. Then, with a bit of seed funding, we start the adventure of incubating these projects.


2. Incubating

To incubate a Minimum Viable Project is to create a new world. We instantiate our projects by working intensely with a design team to imagine a new language, new aesthetics, and new culture. We then refine it by responding to user feedback. If we do our work right, a project should emerge with a look, feel, and sound all its own.


3. Scaling

Once a Minimum Viable Project is iterated and refined, we try to scale it quickly to what we call a “strategic perch,” or a concrete glimpse of system-wide change. Once a project reaches a strategic perch, stakeholders begin looking at an innovation not only as a novel idea, but as a whole new way of working. Moreover, they see that the innovation can take root not only in one local context, but across a whole system.