Hunter Hillel

Hunter College Hillel is a past partnership and project of OOI.


In the next five years, Hunter College Hillel is poised to become a national model for how to serve Jewish commuter students in Generation Z. Through a partnership with OOI, Hunter Hillel will be known for successfully creating an innovative, joyful, and meaning-imbued space for Jewish students that will strengthen Jewish life across New York. We will amplify the last 15 years of work by  significantly expanding and deepening our breadth and depth through revamped programming, community organization, and careful administration. We envision a world in which students find supportive community, self-confidence, happiness, and meaningful Jewish connection as a rite of passage. These individuals go on to change the world.  At Hunter College, Hillel students will meet dedicated mentors, forge meaningful friendships, and have the opportunity to celebrate the Jewish calendar and engage in Jewish learning.